Choosing The Best Baby Rattle For Your Kids

Choosing The Best Baby Rattle For Your Kids

Choosing The Best Baby Rattle For Your Kids

Every baby can benefit from having some baby rattles. They create sound, they catch the eye, and they’re chunky to move around and play with. They’re great for cognitive development and hand-eye coordination too.

Are you wondering how to choose the best baby rattle? We can guide you through the most important elements to think about before you buy.

1: Baby Rattles Aren’t All Created Equal

Some rattle and do nothing else. More advanced rattles can have chunky buttons to press, wheels to spin, and other colorful elements your baby can learn from. The more interactive they are, the more your baby will enjoy them.

2: Pick A Safe Baby Rattle

Your baby wants to explore and learn. They’ll do this using their hands and their mouth. Therefore, the ideal baby rattle needs to be big enough for them to do this. Anything too small could be a choking hazard.

It should also be free of sharp edges and solidly built. There should be no danger of it falling apart. For younger babies, GizmoVine’s silicone rubber rattles are ideal. They can be disinfected for safety whenever required.

3: Look For Various Shapes

Learning about different shapes is an early lesson for babies and young children. The best way to hit the spot and save money is to buy a baby rattle set. Such sets contain several rattles, each offering different play and exploration elements.

Popular shapes include the classic baby rattle with a handle to hold, a telephone receiver-style rattle, and car and animal shapes.

4: Select The Right Age

A baby rattle designed for use from birth can be watched by the baby as their parent shows it to them. If your baby is older, around three to six months, you can find a rattle that is light and chunky enough to be held by them.

Baby rattles intended for older babies will include other elements to help them learn motor skills and movement.

5: Go Beyond A Basic Baby Rattle

All rattles rattle… it’s what they do. Yet some do more. They are made in different colors, for example – maybe a mix of prime colors or pastels.

Some of the best rattles provide other sounds and actions. For example, a rattle could include a ball inside a cage that moves around. This GizmoVine baby rattles collection contains a cute car and a couple of rattles with spinning elements.


We all know the basic idea behind a baby rattle. However, as we’ve discovered, they can help babies learn more than just sounds. Color, movement, and interaction are all provided in the best baby rattle designs.

GizmoVine’s baby rattles collection showcases many different rattles intended for use from birth onwards. See if you can spot the perfect rattle for your baby.


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