4 Types of RC Toys Kids Will Love

4 Types of RC Toys Kids Will Love

4 Types of RC Toys Kids Will Love

Did you know the first remote control toys hit the shelves from the Sixties onward? While RC cars are the first toys you’ll think of, there are many other types available too. RC robots, RC boats, and even RC animals are available to entertain today’s children.

What Makes RC Toys Fun For All Ages?

RC toys are as challenging as you need them to be. Starter toys for ages three and up come with simple controls. They’re easy to use out of the box, providing entertainment and a ‘wow’ factor kids love.

Teenagers can look forward to bigger, bolder RC toys. RC cars with chunky tires for great off-road performances. Detailed scale models can be raced against their friends’ cars.

Here are some great examples of remote-control toys for all your children, regardless of age.

1. RC Robots

Who could say no to an interactive RC robot in their home? The GizmoVine remote control robot can sing and dance with your child. This interactive toy ticks many educational boxes as well.

For someone younger, the mini talking robot is ideal. A tiny pal that repeats your child’s words and is jointed for posing.

2. RC Cars

Steering takes time to perfect. RC cars aimed at younger children are better when they can perform stunts. The GizmoVine K03 can do a 360-degree flip. The remote is great for little hands too.

Bigger kids (yes, adults too) will love the FY07 1:12 scale truck with chunky tires, 320-feet range, and plenty more features to challenge their skills.

3. RC Boats

Water-loving kids won’t leave the sleek red RC boat behind. Capable of 20mph and over, your kid can make waves whenever a lake or pool is near.

RC boats don’t just cover ones that go over the top of the water either. Did you know you could treat your child to a submarine? Great for swimming pools or even the bath, it packs a lot of power into just 11cm of submarine action.

4. RC Animals

If you want something different to entertain and excite your child, how about some RC animals? Let them surprise someone the next time they go swimming, courtesy of an RC shark. Alternatively, who could resist freaking someone out with a frightening remote-controlled spider… able to climb walls just like the real thing?


Kids can learn plenty from using RC toys – maybe more than you think. They advance with age too, so you can buy remote-control toys to suit.

If you’re looking for RC toys your kids are going to get excited about, GizmoVine has some irresistible remote-controlled toys for all ages and preferences.


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