How To Pick The Right RC Cars For Kids

How To Pick The Right RC Cars For Kids

How To Pick The Right RC Cars For Kids

So… you want to buy a remote-control car for your kid. They’ve been around for years, and there are lots to choose from. Sounds easy, right?

Except… no, it isn’t. There are lots of factors to think about. Fortunately, we’re going to cover them all here. Don’t buy that car until you know what to look for.

1: The Right RC Cars Make All The Difference

Every toy you buy for your child needs to satisfy them. You don’t want to buy something that gets played with for five minutes and then forgotten.

All RC cars should be:

  • Durable
  • Well-built
  • Safe to use

That’s just the start, though. Let’s see what else you need to think about.

2: Consider Your Child’s Age

RC cars for a three-year-old child are worlds apart from those designed for teenagers. A basic RC car would provide the ideal introduction for a three-year-old. It would have simple controls to understand and learn from.

One for a teenager would be far more complex. It may have more complex controls and a greater range when in use. Looking for age-appropriate RC cars is a good way to narrow your options.

3: RC Cars In The Right Color

What is your child’s favorite color? This is non-negotiable when purchasing RC cars – as far as your child is concerned, anyway!

Imagine receiving a new shiny red car or one in cool yellow if that’s their top choice. Conversely, if they hate blue, make sure you don’t buy a blue one… you won’t hear the last of it.

4: Pick The Right Type

Which cars does your child love most? Think about how they play. Would police cars be best? Perhaps they love construction toys. Maybe they’re fans of racing cars and their drivers. There are RC cars at GizmoVine based on all these preferences.

5: RC Cars That Last

This is vital to get right when you’re buying RC cars for kids. If you’re spending money on a remote-controlled car, you want to be sure it isn’t going to break in 10 minutes.

Look at the materials used and how the car is powered. You may need batteries for the remote, while the car can be recharged between uses. A solid and practical build is vital, especially if the vehicle is designed for off-road use.


RC cars are available for all ages from three and up. From tricky toddlers to troublesome teenagers, there are options for everyone to enjoy. Technology has brought new possibilities, too.

GizmoVine has the best selection of remote-control cars, from stunt cars to off-road models. Which one would please your child?


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